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Consumer Information for Seniors


More Consumer Sites (Link to Cuyahoga County Public Library's consumer sites)


Consumer Guide
Consumer Guide's "unbiased expert product reviews, information, and tools help you make the right purchase decision" including its famous Best Buys.

Consumer World
"Consumer World is a public service, non-commercial site which has gathered over 1,800 of the most useful consumer resources on the Internet, and categorized them for easy access."

Bottomline Personal
Bottomline Personal offers this sampling of America's Inside Information magazine. It includes sample articles, an index to past issues (and the articles for a fee), and links to 500 of its "most useful websites."

Golden Buckeye
Provides information about Ohio's Senior Discount program: The Golden Buckeye Card.

FTC Consumer Protection
The FTC offers this access to their consumer protection publications. Print them out here or order paper copies from them as well.

Consumer Fraud Against the Elderly
The National Consumers League created this site to provide information to avoid fraud, how to tell if a senior is being targeted for a scam and assistance for victims to cope with fraud.

USPS Consumer Fraud
The Postal Service offers this site providing details of current scams, how to avoid being duped, and what to do if you have been scammed.

Better Business Bureau Alerts and News
The BBB's Alerts "are urgent warnings to notify consumers and businesses about recently discovered, fraudulent business scams or are brief advisories to help the public know how to deal with specific

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