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Americans with Disabilities Act:
Information and technical assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act. Helpful information from the US Department of Justice.


A to Z index of disability topics: 
Comprehensive and informative list of topics by subject that focus on disability information


Deaf & Blind Resources by State Index:
Choose from the list below to locate State Deaf-Blind Projects and resource agencies and organizations for each state:


Seniors Resource Guide for Deaf & Blind

General/Comprehensive Resources - covering information on multiple topics related to acquired deafblindness.

  •  Diagnosis/Identification of Dual Sensory Impairment - vocabulary and insight for newly-diagnosed people and their friends and families.
  •  Communication and Technology - communication options for people with dual sensory loss and devices that can enhance accessibility to sights, sounds, and information.
  •  Disability Rights - laws, disability accommodations.
  •  Support and Advocacy - information, peer support, and advocacy for people with dual sensory loss.
  •  Recreation - accessible activities and lifelong learning.
  •  Financial Assistance - for education, technology, medical care, etc.


Microsoft Accessibility Technology for Everyone:
Delivering on this mission means we strive to build products that are accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Learn more about how our solutions can help you realize your full potential.


The world's largest deafblind-focused organization. Although much of its information is focused on people living in the United Kingdom, Sense is an international organization with lots of information about vision/hearing loss in older people. 

 Sensory Impairment in Later Life
 Information on a variety of topics for older people experiencing vision and hearing losses.

 Hearing and Sight Loss in Older People Factsheet

 Sense Publications List   
 A list of factsheets and articles related to DeafBlindnes